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After 40 years, graduates of the “Buffalo” Class of ’78 (“Buffalo” being the name that the 1968 graduates gave to their class), were present at ZAMORANO to celebrate their anniversary and bring back memories amongst friends. Guillermo Alvarado, class representative, commented how he came to study at ZAMORANO. Alvarado was accepted at West Point and at ZAMORANO, and he couldn´t decide to which to go. He asked his father for advice and his father said “Son what do you want to do, end lives or give life?” Today, he is a proud ZAMORANO graduate.

Pablo Flores, class coordinator, stated that 81 students graduated from the original 95. Nowadays, 62% of the graduates participate in their meetings along with their wives. They are a very close group of friends. “More than friends we are family. ZAMORANO contributed to changing our lives, and in addition to our own personal family we have our ZAMORANO family”, declared Flores.

Another Buffalo visiting the campus was Ecuadorian Alfredo Castro Patiño, who produces and exports bananas. For him, ZAMORANO is more than just a university; it is a way of life. In ZAMORANO, he was told, “You are the force in this world, you will produce what no one can produce and where no one can produce and that is exactly what I have been doing up to today.”

To the new generations, Castro advises that they consider studying at ZAMORANO where they have the opportunity to learn in four years what usually they would not learn at any other university, joining theory and practice. “The foundation of Learning by Doing will not only help you today but for the rest of your lives,” assured Castro.

Between memories and anecdotes, the graduates of the Class of ‘78 enjoyed their day with different activities on campus.

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