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7 September, 2018
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ZAS-LSU strengthens support for Zamorano’s specialization
14 January, 2019

ZAMORANO carries out exchange of academic experiences on curricular reforms with the National University of Agriculture (UNA)

ZAMORANO and the National University of Agriculture (UNA) are engaged in an ongoing process of academic improvement through an exchange of experiences. ZAMORANO regularly cooperates with other universities linked to agriculture. A recent workshop between ZAMORANO and the UNA addressed curricular reform and the process of Learning by Doing, two areas in which ZAMORANO has specific experience and capability.

Dr. Norma Martinez, representative of the UNA, cites ZAMORANO’s prestige as a sister university as an important factor in this collaboration that is strengthening her own institution. It has been twenty years since the UNA has undertaken reforms to its curricular study plans, and it understands that ZAMORANO’s know how in this academic area is vital to implementing good administrative and teaching practices. UNA faculty have actively participated in this new curricular reform.

The UNA chose ZAMORANO as a partner for this effort due to the ZAMORANO experiences in Learning by Doing, residential learning and diversification of its academic majors. “Both universities have come together in order to learn from one another”, says Dr. Martinez.


Cierre de Taller Intercambio de Experiencias Académicas sobre Reformas Curriculares

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