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26 September, 2018
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5 February, 2019

ZAS-LSU strengthens support for Zamorano’s specialization

Universidad Zamorano

The ZAS-LSU, has supported  the higher education of Zamoranos in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Panama.

The Agricultural Society of Zamorano (ZAS) of the Louisiana State University (LSU), closed a successful 2018 granting scholarships to Zamoranos who continue their studies of specialization and research in the United States.

At the closing ceremony of 2018, ZAS-LSU awarded four scholarships to students Emilio Gutiérrez, Alejandro Castro, Katheryn Parraga and GC Christy. The event also highlighted the contribution to the summer internship program of Zamorano 2019.

Special recognition was given to Dr. William B. Richardson, Dean of the Department of Agriculture, for his work and leadership through the College of Agriculture of LSU.

Other friends of the association were also recognized: Carl Newton, who supports with a full scholarship to the Bolivian student Rene Montellano (3rd year of the Science and Agronomy Department), Sarah E. Bernard, in charge of the internship program, and Santiago Carias (class 70) for student support.

Since 2005, the LSU-AgCenter has received an approximate of 105 Zamoranos for their internship, which has subsequently allowed 25 of them to do master’s studies and PhDs (15 PhDs and 10 teachers), said Franklin Bonilla, PhD student, Zamorano Class 2014 and chairman of the board of directors of ZAS-LSU 2018.

The associations of Zamorano graduates in universities in the United States have always been active in support of young Latin Americans who undertake research internships or specialization studies in these universities. This is one more example of the Zamorano spirit.

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