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5 February, 2019
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16 February, 2019

Scholarships, enrollment and internships, Zamorano leadership in Latin America


Zamorano, a benchmark of quality and educational excellence in Latin America, enrolled 1,211 young people, who are preparing to become agents of change, leaders and entrepreneurs committed to food production for their communities and the world, ready to generate employment and develop solutions to socio-economic problems.

354 young people from 15 countries conform the freshman class, who in 2018 went through a rigorous selection process to which 1,502 applicants were submitted. Of the students of the 2022 class, 64% are able to study at Zamorano thanks to the financial aid program promoted by the university that partially or totally covers the value of Escultura en honor al primer rector latinoamericano Simón Malotheir enrollment.

66% of the second and third year students benefit from financial aid, and 57% of the fourth year students have received the support of the donors who have relied on the transparency with which Zamorano manages the resources for the education of its students and the development of the communities.

Of the young people enrolled, 426 are women and 785 are men, all enrolled in one of the following majors: Agribusiness Administration, Food Science and Technology, Environment and Development, and Agronomic Engineering. Throughout its 76 years, this university has graduated 8,703 Zamoranos from 30 countries in Latin America and other continents.

244 internships around the world

Zamorano remains a leading educational institution in the internship program for its students, due to the agreements it has with recognized universities and world-renowned companies. This year 244 students are doing their internships in 22 countries: United States, Germany, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Guinea, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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