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13 March, 2019
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Honduras: Beekeeping education and taxonomy of bees

Intern: Sazkya Senith Cordonez Erazo, AGI

Sazkya carried out his internship at the Zamorano Beekeeping Plant. Over the years, this unit has become a model for the industrialization of bee products and an information center for those involved in the development of such programs and projects.

It is a unit of the Food Science and Processing Department, where two main activities are carried out: education and production. Here his work consisted of supporting German Pacheco with Learning by Doing, giving talks to students about the taxonomy of bees and composition of hives, and going to the field twice a week to carry out reviews of the apiaries.

For Sazkya, the most valuable part of this experience was the responsibility of being in charge of a group of students, since being a leader consists of understanding the subject well and the strengths and weaknesses of each of the young people.

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