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6 March, 2019
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13 March, 2019

IFARHU in Panama Consolidates Cooperation Ties with Zamorano

For several years, IFARHU has been an active donor to Zamorano University. Through their financial support, several young people have managed to complete their studies.

The deputy director of the Institute for the Formation and Use of Human Resources (IFARHU) of Panama, Daniel Brea, visited Zamorano to learn about our educational model and its modules of learning by doing that many Panamanians have benefited from through a scholarship granted by IFARHU.

During his stay in Zamorano, Brea learned about the different projects that are carried out here in the institution. He visited the Agricultural Science and Production Department’s laboratories of Biological Control, Animal Reproduction and Entomology.

In the Department of Agribusiness, he learned about the technology we have implemented and the learning by doing process for students in the Dairy and Meat plants, the Sensory Analysis Laboratory, and the Human Nutrition Laboratory. The tour ended with visits to the Regional Innovation Center for Vegetables and Fruits, Aquaculture, Honey, and the Horticultural and Post-Harvest Plant.

Brea met with IFARHU student scholars, who shared their educational experience at Zamorano with him. His day ended with a meeting with the rector, Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, and the dean of the Food Science and Technology Department, Dr. Luis Fernando Osorio, where they discussed strengthening their ties in the coming years so that more Panamanian students have the opportunity to attend Zamorano.

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