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13 March, 2019
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19 March, 2019

Swiss Mission recognizes Zamorano’s educational quality

Diplomats and Swiss officials offered a conference to students and members of the Zamorano community at the Wilson Popenoe Library, where they highlighted the contribution of Swiss Cooperation to Latin America.

A delegation of diplomats and officials from the Swiss Agency for International Cooperation (COSUDE) visited Zamorano to learn about the experience and teaching methodology the university in the education of its students.

The mission was headed by the Deputy State Secretary for the Americas of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Bénédict De Cerjat, who said, “I knew that Zamorano was a high level university. I am very happy that Switzerland has been able to be useful in the past and still today in different aspects of curricular preparation and concrete contributions. ”

The Head of the Latin American and Caribbean Division of the Swiss Agency for International Cooperation (COSUDE), Reto Grüninger, the Swiss Ambassador, concurrent for Honduras, Hans-Ruedi Bortis, and Peter Sulzer and Chantal Felder from COSUDE also participated in this visit.

During their campus tour the delegation visited the agro industrial production area of ​​the Food Science and Technology Department, the Regional Horticulture Innovation Center of the Agricultural Science and Production Department, and the Department of Environmental Engineering and Development.

After the tour, Grüninger, highlighted the range of activities and diversity of proposals offered by this institution through its four academic departments. “Zamorano’s reputation is excellent, we could see that their teaching is very focused on practical matters, which is useful for the students”.

Tras el recorrido, Grüninger, destacó la gama de actividades y diversidad de propuestas que ofrece esta institución a través de sus cuatro carreras.  Agregando que “la reputación de Zamorano es excelente, pudimos ver que su enseñanza es muy enfocada a lo práctico, lo que realmente es de utilidad para el estudiante”.

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Zamorano President, Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, thanked the valuable contribution that Switzerland has given to Zamorano through COSUDE (SDC) in over 30 years of cooperation, by supporting young people with financial help and project development.


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