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Under Sergio Cedeño´s leadership, three companies and 12 haciendas have been formed, dedicated to the cultivation of bananas, cocoa and mangoes, all agglomerated in the Grupo Industrial y Agrícola Cañas.

While he was vacationing in the countryside on his grandfather’s cocoa and cattle farm, a passion and vocation for agriculture stirred in young Sergio Cedeño Amador, class 73, , which have made him a prominent Ecuadorian businessman. The companies he directs stand out in the first places of production, export and quality.

Without hesitating to become an agricultural professional, he decided to study at Zamorano, an institution that changed the course of his professional life, not only for the acquired agricultural teachings, but also for the human formation and the character that influenced his professionalization as an agronomist. “Zamorano transmits passion and love for the countryside, an essential element to be an agent of change in each country where we live,” he says.

For 45 years, Sergio has remained linked to the field, occupying important administrative and managerial positions in private companies and his family. After graduating from Zamorano, he managed a rice and cattle ranch for four years, after that first experience he decided to take charge of his family’s cocoa farm. Later he became agricultural credit manager in two financial institutions in his country, where he worked for 10 years.

However, he decided to work in another type of agricultural business, leading in the last 30 years the general management of the “Grupo Industrial y Agrícola Cañas”. The  group began with the “Hacienda Cañas”, founded in 1989, a pioneer in Ecuador in the cultivation of the cocoa variety CCN-51, now famous in Latin America for its high productivity and tolerance to diseases.

His farm is a precursor in Agricultural Tourism with its now famous “Cocoa Tour” that has been carried out for 25 years, additionally supporting the folklore of the coast with presentations of the “Montubia Culture Foundation” that Cedeño has presided for over 18 years. Currently, the business group consists of three companies and has 12 haciendas dedicated to bananas, cocoa and mango crops.

Breaking records in banana production

Under his leadership, in the last five years, the 8 banana plantations of the group, broke records of banana production in Ecuador, to jointly exceed the average productivity above the 4000 boxes of fruit per hectare.

The effort and work of this entrepreneur through his companies has positively influenced the development and agricultural productivity of his country.

“Our haciendas are constantly visited by many national and international farmers who want to observe and learn the technologies we use to achieve success for over 30 years, and in that sense our mission is to fulfill the social function that Zamorano taught us and support the new farmers to achieve the development of our countries.” he added.

The outstanding agro-industrial trajectory has made him worthy of several decorations, among which he stands out; “Better Farmer” by the Chamber of Agriculture of the Second Zone of his country. Last year, the National Convention of Zamoranos of Ecuador 2018 took his name.


Eng. Sergio Cedeño Amador, in the Convention National of Zamoranos, Ecuador 2018

Because of his influence in the agriculture sector, he has held important positions, as president of the “Mango Ecuador Foundation”, treasurer of the “Livestock Cattlemen’s Association”. And currently he is director of the Association of Producers of Fine Cocoa and Aroma (Aprocafa), member of the board of the Fulbright Commission and the National Academy of History.

For this outstanding entrepreneur, his “life is the countryside and his pride is being a Zamorano”, and although he has worked in the agricultural world for 45 years and 30 as a manager in his company, it is not in his plans to retire, he will continue working for the development of Ecuador and the world.


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