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Young people are empowered to start their own businesses after finishing their studies to generate economic growth in their municipality. Ramón Rosa is one of the largest institutes in western Honduras, serving 2,200 students from the departments of Lempira, Copán, Ocotepeque, and Intibucá.

Zamorano, through its agribusiness career track (AGN), trained students and teachers of the Ramón Rosa Technical Institute from the municipality of Gracias, Lempira to inspire students to work in and start their own dairy and coffee companies. This promotion of entrepreneurship generates opportunities for social and productive development in young students through a positive introduction to the labor market and society in general.

Throughout the week, AGN ambassadors gave technical and entrepreneurship presentations to 30 people at the Ramón Rosa institute within the framework of the Entrepreneurship for Learning project. The project is the fruit of an agreement between Zamorano, the Gracias Mayor’s Office, and the Convivir program of the Community Development, Water, and Sanitation Institute (IDECOAS).

Mario Rolando Méndez, coordinator of the Middle Education Unit of the Departmental Directorate of the municipality of Lempira, said “throughout the week there were different speakers, experts from Zamorano, who delved extensively into the subject of entrepreneurship, finance, business, cost benefit, and how to swiftly insert ourselves in these activities.”

The aim of these workshops is to help students understand entrepreneurship and how to form a company and so that they can start their own businesses when they complete their secondary education. “We are committed to boost the work we want in the institution and develop processes that strengthen the development of our country and area,” he said.

For his part, Osmin Saúl Hernández, president of the student government, said he was grateful to Zamorano for the training, since “dairy and coffee are two projects that we will promote in our institution, two enterprises that will be formed to take entrepreneurship to the whole Ramón Rosa family, strengthening the impetus to be able to launch a business, learning the whole process.”


Vilma Franco, municipal liaison of Convivir in the municipality of Gracias, Lempira said, “Zamorano is the best institution to direct and guide us in this process that we started. Of course, we as a municipality have many expectations that the project will be very successful. We are confident that all the knowledge and lessons learned here on campus will be productive.”

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