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10 May, 2019
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7 June, 2019

Colombia: Reproductive biotechnologies in cattle

Intern: Lisa María Fernanda Figueroa Valdéz, CPA

Lisa María’s internship at Central Genetic Embriovet specialized in offering reproductive biotechnologies to farmers in Colombia. Biotechnologies cover practices such as artificial insemination, follicular aspiration, transfer and freezing of embryos, and the collecting and freezing of bovine semen. Lisa María had the opportunity to assist in the processes of semen collection, embryo transfer and follicular aspiration in the field.

The company implements high quality protocol for animals that have been selected as donors and / or recipients. Among them are bovine breeds such as Gyr, Red Brahman, White Brahman, Senepol, Simbrah, Simmental, Brangus, Guzerat, Bon, Bradford and Nelore.

The genetic center has a laboratory in which reproductive biotechnologies such as in-vitro fertilization, in-vivo embryo extraction and cryogenization are used.


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