18 June, 2019

Bulgaria: Management and milking of Angus cattle and Trakehner horses

Intern: Aldo Leonel Cifuentes Maldonado Aldo completed his internship at Sweetwater Angus Divisions Eko Terra Ltd., where he worked as […]
18 June, 2019

Italy Ultrasonic technology in the wine industry

Intern: Mónica Sofia Osorio Barahona Monica completed her internship at the University of Udine in Italy, where she worked with […]
18 June, 2019

Zamorano and HRN sign agreement to start the radio program “de Sol a Sol”

De Sol a Sol seeks to strengthen the development of Honduras by creating a space to manage the most relevant […]
12 June, 2019

Elías Salame, Zamorano philanthropist for 32 generations

duty to give back to the school by sharing their achievements and, above all, by cooperating to help disadvantaged youth […]
11 June, 2019

Cocoa, its Quality and Business Opportunities

A new course sought to convey the principles for making chocolate, an excellent food that brings many benefits to the […]
7 June, 2019

Guatemala: Agronomic management of polycultures

Intern: Henry Oswaldo Alvarado Xitumul, Agronomic Engineering Henry completed his internship at HM.Clause Guatemala S.A., an international agricultural cooperative specialized […]
7 June, 2019

Argentina: Value market with agricultural machinery

Intern: Luis Miguel Vargas Gómez Luis completed his internship in Córdoba, Argentina at the DHM Industria factory for agricultural tractors […]
6 June, 2019

Drones at the service of Sustainable Tropical Agriculture

By: Lenín Esaú Henríquez Dole, Ph.D.Profesor Asociado en Cambio Climático y Manejo de Recursos Hídricos Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly […]
3 June, 2019

ESPAE explores educational collaboration opportunities with ZAMORANO

The representatives of both universities will hold meetings for the rest of the year to celebrate their agreement to design […]