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21 March, 2019
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ESPAE explores educational collaboration opportunities with ZAMORANO

The representatives of both universities will hold meetings for the rest of the year to celebrate their agreement to design the collaboration programs.

Authorities of the ESPAE Graduate School of Management, part of Ecuador’s Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), visited Zamorano’s Department of Agribusiness Management to explore opportunities for collaboration through promoting executive education programs.

According to Dr. Raúl Soto, director of Agribusiness, ESPAE is a prestigious institution ranking first among business schools in Ecuador. The mutual interest of both universities is based in the high quality and quantity of Zamorano graduates who come from Ecuador, to date totaling 2,062 professionals.

“In Ecuador, Zamorano is practically a local university and enjoys enormous prestige. The intention is to develop executive education products linked to agricultural themes because the combination of both universities generates a very positive public perception,” said Dr. Soto.

Both universities have agreed to work on a senior level degree program, with the idea that managers and owners of large companies have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of education provided, which would then allow for replication of their model at other managerial levels.

The meeting was run by Dr. Xavier Ordeñana, dean of ESPAE, and Ing. Silvia Pesantes, director of Zamorano’s Master’s Program in Sustainable Agribusiness.

During his visit, Dr. Ordeñana gave an inspiring talk about the business environment in Ecuador to Zamorano’s third year Agribusiness students.



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