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Intern: Henry Oswaldo Alvarado Xitumul, Agronomic Engineering

Henry completed his internship at HM.Clause Guatemala S.A., an international agricultural cooperative specialized in the improvement, production and sale of vegetable seeds. His work focused on the agronomic management of polycultures in the western part of the country, evaluation of different hybrids by crop, and participation with the preparation of the Central American Field Day of Vegetables.

As part of his work, he supported the research and development process in melon cultivation with trials (planting-transplanting) on ​​farms exporting the Honduran fruit and at the HM.Clause Experimental Farm in Zacapa, Guatemala. Henry was allowed to participate in the evaluation of the trials, data taking and decision making on the new hybrids under study. As part of his experience, he had the opportunity to work directly with melon and tomato crop geneticists.


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