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Intern: Aldo Leonel Cifuentes Maldonado

Aldo completed his internship at Sweetwater Angus Divisions Eko Terra Ltd., where he worked as an assistant director of Milk and Feed for animals, and engaged in the breeding of dairy cattle, Angus cattle and English and Trakehner horses.

He assisted and most enjoyed horse breeding, which included tasks such as insemination and training. As part of his work, he was entrusted with carrying out administrative tasks such as preparing land and livestock inventories, and he became involved in the marketing of Sweetwater milk, which is distributed in small stores.

Despite not speaking Bulgarian like the rest of his colleagues, he was motivated to carry out his tasks in a better way. This experience will allow him to help small producers in his home country with issues related to land management, livestock management, establishment of farms and fertilization plans.

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