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Intern: Mónica Sofia Osorio Barahona

Monica completed her internship at the University of Udine in Italy, where she worked with Dr. Emilio Celotti on research to identify changes in turbidity, surface electric charges, and protein solubilization of unstable wines.

Among the analyses carried out were post-treatments such as tannins tested in heat and cold in order to determine if said tests, already commonly carried out in the wine industry, negatively influence the physical characteristics demanded by consumers.

As part of the experience, Mónica visited conventions, universities and companies where she acquired general knowledge of cupping and the art of winemaking, especially white wine, which is typical of northern Italy. For Monica, the wine industry is the combination of science and art. Therefore, when she graduates from Zamorano she would like to continue working in this area and to be part of the winemaking community.

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