Bulgaria: Management and milking of Angus cattle and Trakehner horses
18 June, 2019
Spain: Nutrition and labor of agricultural soils
5 August, 2019

Germany: Basic production agriculture

Intern: María Celeste Diaz Bustillo, Agribusiness

María Celeste completed her internship in Germany at the organic farm Michaelshof Sammatz, where she took part in basic agriculture jobs such as stable maintenance, preparation of organic diets for different animals (cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and poultry), milking, and processing and marketing of dairy, fruit and vegetable products.

As part of her professional practice, she also participated in activities such as tea making with various spices, medicinal herbs, and plants. She was surprised by the efficiency and sustainability of the farm in many ways, from field production to marketing.

As part of her personal growth, María Celeste offered support at the Peronnik Center though the care of children and adolescents with physical, social and emotional trauma.

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