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21 April, 2020
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21 April, 2020

Ecuador: The dairy industry and its processing

Intern: Mateo Sebastián Aráuz Solís, Food Technology

Mateo is an Ecuadorian student who did his internship at Productos Lácteos Píllaro in Santiago de Píllaro, Ecuador, in the area of ​​products created for human consumption such as cheese, milk, yogurt, soft drinks, and jellies. Another part of his work was in laboratory analysis, hygiene and zone monitoring. There, he received training in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and made several visits to suppliers and distribution centers.

Part of his work experience allowed him to obtain knowledge in the area of ​​raw material reception and its respective quality analysis, BPM verification, pasteurization process and milk homogenization with controls based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and the development of new products.

For Mateo, the internship was very valuable, “since doing the work in professional practice is for me to consider reinforcing the knowledge acquired in the classroom and, above all, knowing how companies operate in the real world. All the knowledge that I take with me leaves me very well on track in what I intend to do in my future: to make great changes in small and large communities,” he said.

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