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Mexico: Development of a new sausage product made from shrimp

Intern: Diego José Aguilera Suárez, AGI

Diego is a Salvadoran student who completed his internship at the Food Research and Development Center (CIAD) in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. While there, he worked for the animal products research department, specifically in fishery, with a focus on a giant squid, Dosidicus gigas, and sausage made from Camarón Litopenaeus vannamei, a species of shrimp. Following Official Mexican Standards (NOM), he carried out preliminary tests and evaluations through proximal, physical-chemical, sensory, instrumental and microbiological analysis.

During his practice, Diego worked in two laboratories and a pilot plant evaluating a series of parameters that determine product hygiene and quality. Two batches of sausages were developed which were evaluated from day 0 of establishment until the end of the experiment. The resulting report will be appropriate for a scientific journal.

Diego recognized that thanks to the technical and practical knowledge received as a Zamorano student, it was easy to adapt to the techniques, methods and equipment management at CIAD. Through this experience, Diego hopes to perfect and expand his knowledge of fishery products.

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