Ecuador: The dairy industry and its processing
21 April, 2020
USA: Sensory Analysis and Consumer Science
7 May, 2020

United States: Soil data analysis and interpretation techniques

Intern: Rosa Elena Ibarra López, Environmental Engineering

Rosa, originally from El Salvador, completed her internship in the Soil Laboratory of the Department of Crop Sciences of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where she learned various techniques for analysis and interpretation of soil data under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Margenot, specialist professor in soils and biogeochemistry.

As an intern, she was charged with studying the nitrogen cycle, carrying out enzymatic and physical-chemical analyzes, and characterizing soil samples from coffee agroecosystems located in tropical regions. One of the main objectives of this professional practice was to evaluate the incidence of external factors such as agroforestry and fertilization management on the potential enzymatic activity of the soil and its nutrient dynamics, in order to determine the most efficient management practices of crops and environmental management.

The internship allowed Rosa to perfect her laboratory analysis skills, analyze and discuss the results obtained, and apply them at home.

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