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8 April, 2020
More than three thousand pounds of vegetables donated by Zamorano to municipalities of El Paraíso and Francisco Morazán
23 April, 2020

Zamorano unites to help more than 300 families with food donations

Zamorano is located in the municipality of San Antonio de Oriente in the Francisco Morazán Department of Honduras. The municipality includes 13 villages with some of  the most vulnerable families who have no income whatsoever. (info below picture)

With the goal of benefitting children at risk socially, elderly people and poor families close to our campus who are suffering from lack of food due to COVID-19 pandemic, Zamorano donated a batch of basic grains to San Antonio de Oriente´s Municipality.  These grains have been distributed among more than 300 homes from Jicarito, Suyatillo, El Llano, El Zarzal, La Joya, El Chagüite, La Estancia and La Ciénaga.

Roger Diaz Rivas, Municipal Councilman of San Antonio de Oriente´s Municipality, shared that the 2,000 pounds of corn and 2,000 of beans will be used to support the neediest families with no income at all. The grains have been distributed to these most impovershed families thanks to the help of the Municipality and members of the army and the national police.

“As a municipal corporation, we thank Zamorano University for this important donation, as well as other donations  that you have been making to us throughout this time of quarantine. With these donations we hope to bring relief to more than 5,000 families”, noted Diaz.

Diaz also shared that the Mayor´s office is in charge of logistics around the packing of products and the listing all families who have benefitted from the donations. The deliveries will be overseen by pastors/reverends as project supervisors.

In addition, through the Student Associate Dean´s Office and the extracurricular program REMAR, Zamorano students delivered food to a children´s shelter deemed to be at risk socially. That donation included a batch of beans, eggs, fruit, cold cuts, milk and beef.

Quizás le interese:  Zamorano receives technical and financial support from the Institute of Technology for Health Care

Malena Amoros, Director of the shelter, remarked, “ This generosity benefits us greatly because feeding the children is a priority. We are a big family. Presently we have 29 children who come to the shelter to be fed because of the challenges that the country is experiencing. I thank you because the Zamorano students have always been open to helping us”.

Sofía Gonzalez, 2nd year student from Panama and a member of the REMAR extracurricular activity club, explained that REMAR is a group of young Zamorano volunteers who are leading the way with this project which started in 2015. “ It started with students who went to establish orchards in the communities and to help children with their homework, to paint, and to do recreational activities such as playing soccer. Since 2018 we have also been doing projects such as talks about character values and the importance of agriculture. We also participate in activities such as this one because there is nothing better than helping others”, she concluded.

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