Zamorano unites to help more than 300 families with food donations
22 April, 2020
25 May, 2020

Zamorano leads a country-wide improvement program for Honduras’ kitchen wooden stoves

Donations of red onions, lettuce and peppers were distributed across poor communities of departments close to campus. (info below picture)

In order to benefit low income families of 8 municipalities of El Paraiso and Francisco Morazán, Zamorano donated more than 3,000 pounds of vegetables to San Antonio de Oriente, Tatumbla, Maraita, Villa de San Francisco, Güinope, Yuscaran, Danlí and Teaxiguat. These products will be distributed among residents from the neediest small villages, during the COVID-19 pandemic

The delivery of this fresh produce was made via the mayors of each village by the University´s Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Offices, and the Zamorano´s Vegetable Production Unit.

Among the villages located close to campus which have benefited are El Limón, Jicarito, Llano del Ocotal, El Suyatillo, el Zarza, El Pedregalillo, Tabla Grande, El Carboncito, La Cantera, Casa Blanca, Agua Zarca, San Francisco, Santa Inés, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Guayabillas, Arocha, Las Mesas, Macuelizo, Cuesta Grande, Lizapa, Galeras, Ojo de Agua, La Unión, Guarumas y Coyolito. This food aid also extended to catholic representatives of the Danli Diocese, Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parrish and the Texiguat Parrish.

Father Jose Alvarez Rodriguez, priest at the Texiguat Catholic Church, explained that this municipality is one of the poorest and most needy in Honduras. Of the approximately 9,000 habitants, the donation will reach around 60 families. “We have always tried to choose villages which have the most drought. This is not the first time Zamorano has supported us and we will always be grateful to them.   They have always been well received and have been open to collaborate and help us”, he added.

Juan Ramon Ponce, project coordinator in the Villa de San Francisco Municipality, shared that ,“ Due to the circumstances of the world´s pandemic, we are working on prevention measures in all the municipalities,.  The donation will help us prepare to feed about 40 families. We are grateful to Zamorano for this good gesture of collaboration with local governments”

Carlos Enrique Elvir, a Representative of Yuscarán’s Mayor expressed, “We are working on distribution across the poorest communities which have been affected by the pandemic and we will visit the most economically disadvantaged homes and parcel out the donations that Zamorano is offering us. Around 2,000 families will benefit. There are 18 villages in the area and all will benefit”.

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