7 May, 2020

Ecuador: Synchronization of estrus, insemination, genetics, and care of calves at birth

Intern: Lilian Moreno Meléndez, Agronomic Engineering Lilian completed her internship at AGROUMBRIA (Ecuador), a large-scale milk producer. At AGROUMBRIA, she […]
7 May, 2020

 Germany and India : Import and sale of fruits in the European Union

Intern: Sebastián Salinas, Agribusiness Sebastián did his internship with Don Limón, located in Germany and India, focused on the worldwide […]
7 May, 2020

USA: Sensory Analysis and Consumer Science

Intern: Katherine Esthefany Alfaro Martínez, Food Technology Katherine, a Salvadoran student, completed her internship at the Sensory Laboratory of the […]