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Intern: Lilian Moreno Meléndez, Agronomic Engineering

Lilian completed her internship at AGROUMBRIA (Ecuador), a large-scale milk producer.

At AGROUMBRIA, she worked as a livestock assistant in the area of ​​calves, reproduction and health, working with synchronization of estrus, insemination, genetics, vaccines, biosafety standards, health certification and calf care at birth.

During her internship, Lilian developed various skills with calves by assisting with dystocic deliveries, colostrum and special care for calves with problems at birth and their respective follow-ups.

In the areas of reproduction and genetics, Lilian practiced artificial insemination daily by selecting semen for each cow according to the characteristics that the company wanted for good production, and ultrasound practices to verify pregnancy or to identify some type of abnormality.

Liliian also took part in sanitation control in the dairy, where sanitation is important in mastitis prevention for cows that are in production. To avoid delivering poor quality milk, she performed a CMT test every 15 days in conjunction with the company’s veterinarian.

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