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Intern: Sebastián Salinas, Agribusiness

Sebastián did his internship with Don Limón, located in Germany and India, focused on the worldwide commercialization of fruits. Sebastián’s internship was divided into two parts. The first, in Hamburg, focused on learning about fruit imports and sales in the European Union. The second, in India, focused on production, packaging and exportation.

Each activity helped him to understand the handling of fruits in international trade. In his work in Germany, he planned and held meetings with producers and potential clients and supported a packing station, where he learned about fruit retail in Europe and developed offers for traders.  The internship gave him the opportunity to participate in Fruit Logistics in Berlin, where he was present in negotiations and established relationships with many people in major companies.

Sebastián’s time in India, the second country with the highest agricultural production in the world (after China), was likewise valuable.  There, he supported the sales department and visited vineyards and packaging plants. He met with producers to understand the business situation from their point of view. With the knowledge acquired, Sebastián developed a map of processes and export documents to be used by producers.

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