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Last month, some of you asked the very good question “What is AGEAP?”  AGEAP is the acronym for the Asociacion de Graduados de la Escuela Agricola Panamericana, or the Association of Zamorano Alumni.  This month, AGEAP USA President Franklin Bonilla shares the mission, structure, leadership and recent activities of this very active organization with us.

AGEAP USA Mission:

As alumni of the Panamerican School of Agriculture (EAP-Zamorano) our mission is to
strengthen the relationship and support the professional development of current Zamorano alumni and students that are in the United States of America through the coordination of academic, industry, social and research activities.

How many sub-chapters form AGEAP USA?

AGEAP USA Board of Directors 2020

Webinar coordinated by AGEAP USA and Zamorano for freshman and sophomore students

In coordination with Zamorano, the Zamorano Alumni Association in the United States of America (AGEAP USA) organized a webinar: “Building my future career profile since my first college years” addressed to Zamorano students in their 1st and 2nd year, which took place on May 12. The objective of the webinar was to share information about the opportunities that Zamorano offers to students and graduates, the general requirements, and recommendations for developing a competitive student profile. The speakers were five members of the AGEAP USA who are currently pursuing their graduate degrees in different universities. Approximately 80 students joined the webinar. We are currently working on another webinar, which will be addressed to junior and senior students, as well as Zamorano alumni. AGEAP USA is working to improve relations and open new opportunities for the Zamorano community. Works conquers everything.


Thanks to all the Zamorano Alumni living in the United States who completed the survey!
If you have not completed it yet, please just take 2 minutes to do it now:

We want to know about you and keep you informed about the community of Zamorano Alumni in the United States of America.  Our main goal is to improve the communication within the Zamorano Alumni in the USA.  Thanks in advance for your help and time!

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