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“This is a time of tremendous global crisis right now, and I was taught that it is important to help people in a crisis,” shares Sam Cabot when asked why he and his wife Claire chose to be generous when asked to support the Zamorano COVID-19 Response Fund.  Claire adds, “We are interested in each individual student at Zamorano and contributions now can help change the lives, one-by-one, of current students.  Giving now really reinforces the giving that we have already done when supporting the annual scholarship drive over the years.  Helping out now is a way of carrying forward the investment we have made in Zamorano’s students.”

When asked what message they have for friends of Zamorano, Claire jumps right in to say, “That’s easy.  Get out your checkbooks!”  Chuckling alongside her, Sam adds, “Zamorano develops graduates who are real leaders in their communities.  Just look at the university’s Board of Trustees.  Six members of the Board of Trustees are graduates of the University who are successful leaders in their chosen fields and who are to giving back to the university as institutional leaders.”

Claire sums it up by reminding us, “This crisis has really emphasized for us that we are all in this together.  Basic necessities like food security are at the core of Zamorano’s mission.  Think about it.  Every time you walk into a grocery store and pick up a mango, a papaya, a banana.  We are one world whose people are in crisis right now and if we can help support the leaders of tomorrow who will help lead nations to prosperity on the other side of this crisis, that is the BEST kind of investment we can think to make.”

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