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22 June, 2020
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22 June, 2020

Ecuador: Extensive shrimp production

Internship by: José Roberto Ramírez Valdez, Agricultural Sciences and Production Department

José did his internship at the Acuinaví company, which is dedicated to the extensive production of shrimp in Barbones, el Oro, Ecuador. This company focuses its daily activities on concentrate feed, bacteria application for bioremediation, aeration and water rechange, collecting data on oxygen and salinity, and feeder´s review, among other statistics.

As part of his work, José was in charge of a production batch of around 30 hectares, where he took care of feeding and necessary maintenance of the pond´s water. He kept data registrations and analysis, as well as employee management, as each batch has two employees.

According to José´s experience, Acuinavi also engages in pond preparation activities, with the application of products such as lime and piscicides, molasses and others. He also did sampling and soil analysis interpretation, larva sowing for pre-breeding, transfer of young shrimp to fattening ponds, population sampling in order to have an estimate of the amount of animals per square meter, disease diagnosis, and weight and texture sampling.  Weight and  texture sampling happen just before harvesting because they are the factors to be taken into mind at the time of sale.

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