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22 June, 2020
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Nicaragua: Agronomic handling of oranges for export

Internship by: Raúl Adán Velado Hernández, Agricultural Sciences and Production Department

Raul is a student from El Salvador who did his internship in Frutales del San Juan S.A., an export orange producer located in Nicaragua. In his professional experience he learned about the agronomic handling performed in citrus groves. He worked in different areas such as harvesting, plant protection, irrigation, soil management, export and the process of handling to aid solution seeking for problems encountered and to improve activity efficiency.

During his practices, Raul had the opportunity to find out about projects  regarding pests which attack crops.  He helped to classify those pests according to their economic importance, to make applications to evaluate how they work on pests, to know and evaluate payment method to harvesters, to supervise hygiene and security, as well as to be aware of the export process, the fruit parameters needed and the required legal documentation. Finally, he took part in soil preparation for new sowings and did a cost measurement for this activity per hectare.

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