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22 June, 2020
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22 June, 2020

United States: Meat quality performance and improvement

Internship by: Anny Claudeth Madrid Ponce, Food Science and Technology Department

Anny did her professional internship in the Animal and Food Science Department of Texas Tech University, developing activities related to quality performance and meat improvement.

There, she was trained to acquire knowledge and skills to judge meat carcasses and thereby became part of three meat judging competences.  These competences consisted of evaluating the carcass and primary cuts to determine quality and yield. The evaluations were performed on pork, beef and mutton meat.

She also worked as an intern with Dr. Markus Miller and as an assistant to a Master´s program student. The development research project consisted of the improvement of strip loins when injecting an emulsion high in sunflower seed oil in order to increase the quality and improve meat palatability with almost no or only traces of intramuscular fat.

Improvements made by vegetable fat injections will help to broaden marketing in this region.

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