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23 June, 2020

1 Day for the Scholarship Fund

Every June, Zamorano´s Alumni Office carries out the “1 Day for the Scholarship Fund” campaign, a request of one day’s salary contribution from very Zamorano employee to the Unrestricted Scholarship Fund. Approximately 236 employees join this cause annually. 20% of our donors are the beloved “paisas” who, day by day, teach to our students in the fields on the learning by doing modules.

At this moment in time, the campaign is being carried out on campus. It has been adapted to reach as many people as possible despite social distancing in the work place, resulting in an entirely electronic virtual campaign. As in years past, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to our students by exceeding the $11,000 campaign goal.

The 1 Day for the Scholarship Fund campaign was created in 2015. To date, the campaigns have raised over $50,000. The eleven students that have received support from the fund have hailed from Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, eight of which have already completed their Zamorano education and are now at the forefront of agriculture, supporting the development of their communities.

This Zamorano campaign is an example of what we can accomplish with our strength and unity. Regardless of individual contribution amounts, the collective results make a powerful difference, one that changes the future for Latin American youth.

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