Zamorano Alumni AGEAP USA of the Month: Dr. Sofia Ortega ‘03
10 July, 2020
News from AGEAP Honduras. President Mario Montalvan (
11 July, 2020


Illustration: First report on the reach of the webinar series

Message from AGEAP International President Dr. Luis Cañas (

Financial assistance to Zamorano students

During the month of June, we saw an outpouring of support from our alumni to financial needs expressed by many students at Zamorano that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. AGEAP International sent official communication on June 28 through our email distribution list. However, I stressed the importance of our continued support to the AGEAP International Endowed Scholarship Fund. Currently, we can support around eight students from third and fourth year every year. This fund is competitive and takes into consideration student’s GPA, discipline, and financial need. Those students interested can approach financial aid at Zamorano to submit their application. But of course, more is always needed. Those alumni and friends interested in supporting this fund can go to: and select “The AGEAP International Endowed Scholarship Fund.”

Zamorano also developed a fund to support the needs of those students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund can be located at the same link listed above, and the name of the fund is: “The COVID-19 Response Fund.”  I want to remind those in the US that any donation to these funds is tax-deductible.

I am always in awe about the outpouring of support that our alumni provide in times of need. Thus, I am very grateful and proud to be part of our association.

Webinar series

In the previous newsletter we informed you about one initiative led by Zamorano alum Rodrigo Baccaro ( and others. The initiative has been well received by alumni and has led to the development of a commission of distance education at AGEAP International. We will continue to work with Rodrigo to develop this initiative further. In the meantime, such webinars have had great reach. As of June, this initiative had reached 11,450 participants, plus more than 11,000 more in social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube (Figure 1).

Quizás le interese:  AGEAP USA NEWSLETTER

Another webinar was the first international symposium of organic banana production led by Byron Montero ( from Koppert Ecuador and the International Organization for Biological Control, Neotropical Region Section (IOBC-NTRS) (Figure 2). Both Zamorano and AGEAP International supported this initiative.

News from AGEAP Honduras, President Mario Montalvan (

AGEAP Honduras has been active in supporting the people of Honduras in this time of need. Through donations of food, water, and sometimes cash they were able to help around 500 people in need in Honduras. The link to the news is included below:


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