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Ambassador Ingrid Hsing made a donation consisting of surgical masks, infrared thermometers, antibacterial gel, alcohol, disinfectants, protective lenses, disposable surgical gowns, and fumigation pumps.

As a gesture of their commitment to education in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taiwanese Embassy in Honduras has made a donation to Zamorano of 5,000 surgical masks and other supplies that will help strengthen the biosecurity measures adopted on campus in order to protect students and employees who are working at our university.

This support has been in response to a request by Zamorano as part of an effort to strengthen protecive measures for students and staff who work without interruption in the production units of our institution. These students and staff have been working tirelessly to help meet the food needs and help ensure food security for the people of Honduras.

Distribution of the surgical masks will be handled according to an organized and efficient plan that prioritizes student safety in the learning by doing modules, as well as employee safety for those who work in the food processing plants. This includes workers in the fields planting and harvesting vegetables and basic grains as well as employees engaged in the practical work of the forestry and the environmental management divisions. Some material will also be distributed through Zamorano’s on-site health clinic.

Zamorano appreciates the generosity of the Taiwanese Embassy, with whom it collaborates closely on educational matters, and with which it signed an agreement that put into place a program entitled, “Training of Young Leaders of Vulnerable Municipalities in Honduras”. This program is presently in Phase II, 2020-2023, and benefits students who originate from the Honduran Dry Corridor, in an effort to promote sustainable rural development and strategies to fight poverty in their home communities.

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