25 August, 2020

México: Animal Genetic and DNA extraction

Intern: Pablo Alejandro Valladares Medina, Agricultural Science and Production Pablo did his internship at the Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the […]
25 August, 2020

Bolivia: Processing analysis for oil extraction and flour production

Intern: Belisa Melanie Vásquez Coca, Environmental Science and Development Belisa did her internship at the Agroindustrial Transformation Company (ETASA), which […]
25 August, 2020

United States: Agricultural insurance for hay and feed producers

Intern: José García, Agribusiness Management José did his internship at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, a research center in Weslaco, Texas, […]
25 August, 2020

Colombia: Development and Innovation in animal nutrition

Intern: Aryeri Stephanie Bardales Castellanos, Food Science and Technology Aryeri, did her internship at PREMEX de Colombia, which is dedicated […]
24 August, 2020

Promoting sustainable agriculture, Zamorano holds the commencement ceremony for its first-ever Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture, MATS Class 2020.

From this first generation of Master´s graduates, 100% studied thanks to the encouragement and the financial support awarded by the […]
19 August, 2020

An inspirational, visionary and multicultural woman or man to lead the university forward

19 August, 2020

Five thousand individuals, hospitals and communities have benefited from Dole fruit donation to strengthen nutrition.

As part as Zamorano´s engagement with the most vulnerable populations, this fruit donation was distributed to communities, hospitals, homeless children […]
7 August, 2020


AGEAP USA Alumnus of the Moth Dr. Pacheco is a native of Honduras, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in […]
4 August, 2020

Erik Peterson, incoming Chairman of the Zamorano Board of Trustees

Erik Peterson has more than 25 years of experience in private equity and investment banking in Latin America. He is […]
3 August, 2020

Guatemala: Central America Seed Market

Intern: José Daniel López, Agribusiness Management José Daniel did his internship at the Global AgroChemical and Seed Production Company, Syngenta, […]
3 August, 2020

Perú: Data processing and statistical analysis of blueberry production

Intern: Mirna Gabriela Zacarías Gómez, Agribusiness Management Mirna did her internship in Agrovisión Perú SAC, a company dedicated to production, […]
3 August, 2020

Honduras: Technology design and evaluation to improve water quality in a sustainable way

Intern: Brenda Solórzano Cuesta, Environment and Development Brenda did her internship as a member of a research team of the […]
3 August, 2020

United States: Biodegradable shrimp skin-based packaging

Intern: Celeste Aurora Matos González, Food Science and Technology Celeste is a student from the Dominican Republic who did her […]
3 August, 2020

Philanthropist Deb Smith makes bequest to create the Claudia Elizabeth Dove Endowment

Civic leader. Fierce and effective advocate for women and minority rights and opportunity. Tough political advisor. Steward of the soil. […]