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3 August, 2020
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Perú: Data processing and statistical analysis of blueberry production

Intern: Mirna Gabriela Zacarías Gómez, Agribusiness Management

Mirna did her internship in Agrovisión Perú SAC, a company dedicated to production, packaging and export of fruits and vegetables to already established and emerging global markets including the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, China and other countries in Asia, Central and South America.

The company is divided into four production units: blueberries, asparagus, grapes and avocados. Currently the largest unit is blueberries which exports more than 9,000 tons of fruit each year. The company is quickly growing which makes for an exciting and fast-paced internship experience with the prospect of professional opportunities beyond.

Mirna worked at Agrovision in the blueberry unit, experimenting in field work including pruning, irrigation, phitosanitary applications, supervision and personnel management.

The cultivation cycle is divided in two: pruning/maintenance and harvest. In this unit the internship provided Mirna with field experience which enabled her to get a better understanding of different practices, management and organizational models.

“Everything done in the fields is transmitted back to the administrative offices with the purpose of processing all data, performing statistical analyses and generating reports. Historical data is incredibly useful in making projections related to pruning, harvesting and human resources, monitored monthly, weekly or on a daily basis during each stage of the season”, shared Mirna

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