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11 July, 2020
5 September, 2020


AGEAP USA Alumnus of the Moth

Dr. Pacheco is a native of Honduras, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology in 2005 and later moved to North Carolina where he began a Manager Trainee Program with Smithfield Foods. After a year, he was promoted as production supervisor and was responsible for overseeing the production of 10,000 tons of pelletized feed per week.

In August 2009, he received a scholarship to study in the Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University, where he earned his master’s degree in Poultry Science and his Doctorate in Physiology and Nutrition.

Dr. Pacheco was hired in March 2015 as Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Poultry Science at Auburn University in Alabama. During his tenure at Auburn, he has been effective in providing educational programs in regulation and compliance on new federal rules, feed milling operations, ingredient and feed quality, and poultry nutrition. He has been invited to give over 100 lectures in the state, nationally and internationally. He has been principal or secondary author of 62 research and popular press articles, which have increased the recognition of his program at Auburn University. Dr. Pacheco has trained students from 10 countries and has promoted internships and graduate programs for 35 Zamoranos in the United States.

AGEAP USA Subchapter Spotlight: Auburn University

The Auburn subchapter represents Zamorano Alumni currently studying or doing an internship at Auburn University in Alabama. This subchapter is one of the most recently created under AGEAP USA. Four years ago, Doctor Wilmer Pacheco, a 2005 graduate, during his second year as Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, decided to give the opportunity to a Zamorano student to perform his internship in the Department of Poultry Science at Auburn University. Since then, the number of Zamorano graduates has significantly increased and as of Summer, 2020, more than 30 students have been able to participate in internships and graduate programs. The work and dedication of each Zamorano student has increased the interest of other departments in the College of Agriculture from Auburn University to provide opportunities to Zamorano students and Alumni for joining their research teams.

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AGEAP USA Academia Spotlight

Dr. Marvin Moncada

Dr. Marvin Moncada (Class 2005) joins to NC State University as Assistant Professor of Plant Food Processing. Dr. Moncada is a native of Honduras, where he attended Zamorano University for his bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology. He earned his master’s degree in Food Microbiology and his Ph.D. in Food Science at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Dr. Moncada spent six years as a food scientist and plant manager at the Louisiana State University AgCenter Food Incubator. There, he assisted 45 food entrepreneur companies in developing and producing new products for local, regional, and national markets. During his time at LSU, he supported the Zamorano Agricultural Society subchapter serving in different positions on the board and guidance of the new Zamotigers. Congratulations Dr. Moncada. We wish you the best in your career. Labor Omnia Vincit!


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