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As part as Zamorano´s engagement with the most vulnerable populations, this fruit donation was distributed to communities, hospitals, homeless children and churches in the departments of El Paraiso and Francisco Morazan.

Built on the concept that community has impact and in the context of the health crisis due to COVID-19, Zamorano in collaboration with Dole Tropical Products Latin America, made a donation of 35,424 pounds of first class bananas to the municipalities of Guinope, Yuscarán, Morocelí, Villa de San Francisco, Maraita, San Antonio de Oriente, Tatumbla and Cedros. This food relief was intended to strengthen nutrition for more than 5.000 individuals, youth and children socially at risk, single women who are heads of household, patients with a variety of illnesses and medical staff.

Boxes of fruit were also given to San Felipe Hospital in Tegucigalpa, Gabriela Alvarado Hospital in Danlí, nursing homes, security personnel, evangelical and Catholic church representatives, among others. The delivery was universally accomplished by Zamorano students who showed team work, a collaborative spirit, solidarity and unity in times of emergency.

Antonio Rosales, who represents the Center of Youth at Social Risk “REMAR”, mentioned, “We are receiving a food donation which will be used in children´s homes that REMAR serves in Tegucigalpa. It is a great help as it is part of the basic food needs for all. We are grateful to Dole as well as to Zamorano who always supports us”.

David Suarez, Cedros’ mayor, added, “Access to food is very difficult. This donation is palliative, allowing us to reach two or three low income family communities with a fair distribution of this potassium-rich food.

Since the pandemic started, Zamorano has carried out numerous activities to support vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This support consists of making donations of basic grains and vegetables. The social aid also includes the loaning of agricultural equipment, donations of fuel for ambulances and disinfectant supplies to implement biosecurity measures in municipalities, villages and hamlets.

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