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25 August, 2020
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25 August, 2020

Bolivia: Processing analysis for oil extraction and flour production

Intern: Belisa Melanie Vásquez Coca, Environmental Science and Development

Belisa did her internship at the Agroindustrial Transformation Company (ETASA), which has been operating for the past 28 years in Bolivia. The company handles the soy bean and sunflower seed processing for extraction of edible oil, as well as flour for balanced feeding. It is well positioned in the national market with Crisol oil, its principal product. The company has its own Quality Control Lab, as well as production monitoring where routine analyzes for special grains, flours, oils and water are conducted.

As part of her internship, Belisa performed analysis at the laboratory to determine the existence of hard water in different spots at the refinery, documenting the percentage of fat, grain, flour and oil humidity. She learned about the process that soy beans and sunflower seeds undergo for oil extraction and for the production of flour. Operations assistant, Ing. Ernesto Torrico, guided Belisa through the areas of raw material preparation, solvent extraction (n-hexano) and refinery during her third internship week. Belisa also observed and identified residues that result from each processing unit as well as what had happened to them previously

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