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3 August, 2020
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25 August, 2020

Colombia: Development and Innovation in animal nutrition

Intern: Aryeri Stephanie Bardales Castellanos, Food Science and Technology

Aryeri, did her internship at PREMEX de Colombia, which is dedicated to the research and development of concentrated premixes for animal nutrition. She worked on a project which used an emulsifier to evaluate its impact on feed digestibility of broiler chickens in their early stages of growth. During the development of this project, she performed bromatological analyses of raw materials, preparation of premixes of each treatment at the pilot plant, designing and restructuring a protocol in an experimental farm, and finally, she did an economic analysis to determine its applicability.

During her internship Aryeri met experts in different research and development fields who taught her a variety of working methodologies, boosted her analytical scientific data skills and provided her as well as with experiences of more efficient innovation processes. Aryeri contributed by helping to provide effective solutions for the company and her environment. “Premex represents a great growth opportunity for any person who is fortunate enough to make an alliance

with the company. I would love to contribute with ideas for new projects to help solve the food security crisis in my country, Honduras”, she expressed.

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