Bolivia: Processing analysis for oil extraction and flour production
25 August, 2020
Brasil: Improving starch digestibility through modification
16 September, 2020

México: Animal Genetic and DNA extraction

Intern: Pablo Alejandro Valladares Medina, Agricultural Science and Production

Pablo did his internship at the Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the Genomic Biotechnology Mexican National Polytechnic Institute. He was in charge of reviewing concepts of animal genetics and genetic markers and learned standard procedures for DNA extraction using hair follicle samples. Pablo worked with the KODAK spectrophotometer and the NANODROP software for DNA quantification. He also learned techniques for carrying out “primers” for PCR projection.

Pablo´s experience was based in student-led field-laboratory learning, and the Center allowed him from the beginning to interact with graduate and Ph.D students from different regions and countries. At the same time, some Animal Biotechnology laboratory projects allowed Pablo to visit different educational institutions and industries. As a consequence, our Zamorano intern had the opportunity to practice different recollection methods for DNA extraction and then analyze them at the lab using different instruments and programs designed to facilitate research objectives. Pablo also attended departmental seminars where he learned about several projects being executed by a variety of labs. This nurtured Pablo´s knowledge.

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