Colombia: Development and Innovation in animal nutrition
25 August, 2020
Bolivia: Processing analysis for oil extraction and flour production
25 August, 2020

United States: Agricultural insurance for hay and feed producers

Intern: José García, Agribusiness Management

José did his internship at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, a research center in Weslaco, Texas, United States. He participated in the creation of a decisive tool for farmers on the subject of agricultural insurance, focusing on the insurance PRF (Pasture, Rangeland and Forage), which was directed to producers who only sow hay and fodder for animal feeding.

He also assisted in the development of a model to identify the best economic returns for the farmers in that area of Texas. To accomplish this, Jose worked with a statistical program called “R” which facilitates data analysis in an efficient and timely way.

Through the research he carried out, José sought to deliver farmers the necessary tools to measure risks, limiting factors and feasible combinations among other variables. “I lived a unique experience that allowed me to undergo what my real life will be in my field of work. I felt at home and each person I met offered me their support and knowledge from the first day I arrived. This internship allowed me to put into practice all the skills I have acquired while at Zamorano, especially my statistical knowledge. I also developed practical and theoretical abilities about which I had not been aware. I learned to make better decisions and perform deeper data analysis, among other things”, he noted.

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