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9 September, 2020
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Zamopodcast: Joining and integrating the Zamorano community around the world

The programs and interviews of the Zamopodcast can be heard through nine different digital platforms, among them: Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Braker, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Radiopublic and Castbox.

Because to remember something is an opportunity to experience it all over again, Zamorano graduates who live in the US are promoting the Zamopodcast project with the purpose of promoting union and integration of the Zamorano community around the world. The project is a space where graduates can share their life stories and anecdotes with colleagues. Unique to Zamorano is the tight community of characters fostered by the shared experiences and rigors of the “Learning by Doing” at their Alma Mater.

Among many anecdotes already published, one especially poignant story featured Dr. Wilson Popenoe, first President and co-founder of Zamorano. The story tells how he was mistaken for being a Peruvian spy in Ecuador and was put in jail in the 1930´s. “Dr. Popenoe had moved to the border between Ecuador and Peru, while working on research as a botanist, identifying and collecting avocado and banana seeds around that area”.

The story continues, “At the time there were some political differences between the two countries. When Dr. Popenoe was in the mountains and very focused on seed search, an Ecuadorian patrol saw him, captured him and put him in jail. As he only spoke English, the soldiers did not understand a word he said and he tried to explain that he was not a spy. Then in Cuenca, Ecuador, they contacted Simon Malo´s uncle (Enrique Malo) to serve as interpreter. When he arrived, Enrique Malo saw Dr. Popenoe, recognized him immediately and told the police: “Let him loose immediately, the person you have captured is a famous botanist and very prestigious”. That was the moment when the friendship of Dr. Popenoe and the Malo family was born. Afterwards, approximately 13 members of the Malo family ended up graduating from Zamorano, and our revered Simon Malo among them, having become Zamorano´s President in the 1980´s.

The Zamopodcast project is an initiative launched by Andrea Palazuelos from Bolivia and José Rodolfo Abascal from Guatemala, now husband and wife and professional colleagues. Both had this idea recognizing that each Zamorano graduate has his/her own story. They agreed that it is not the same to know all about a person from a single stage they may have shared at Zamorano, but rather that this might help foster a way to know fellow alumni more completely, including stories from their pre-Zamorano youth, vignettes from life along their path and especially interesting as told in their own words.

Quizás le interese:  The Association of Zamorano graduates in Ecuador (AGEAPSE) celebrates its 40 year anniversary

According to Ing. Abascal, among the objectives of this “Zamopodcast”, is “to unite and integrate the whole Zamorano community around the world, to inspire the younger generations and one another with the successful Zamorano graduate life stories, and to enjoy remembering many anecdotes and wonderful moments,

and relive them to make all Zamoranos feel proud of the strength that we represent and to remind them of the community of which we are all part”.

Within the context of the Zamopodcast they seek the sharing of pleasant and confident stories where each person or group can feel comfortable talking about their unique, individual experiences, anecdotes and memories to help create an invaluable legacy of Zamorano´s history. “We are very grateful for the very positive reception that the community has had for our project and we hope it keeps growing with help fromall of us. As we visualized it from the beginning, we would like to interview all Zamoranos because each one of us has an inspiring and unique story behind us. This makes Zamopodcast so special because the most important aspect of this space is and will always be the sharing of character and life stories”, he concluded.

If you are interested in participating, collaborating, telling your story or any anecdote of your life as a student or graduate, or want to suggest a colleague for an interview, you can contact your fellow alumni Jose Rodolfo or Andrea to talk about your experiences and enrich the collective Zamorano memory.

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