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9 September, 2020
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7 October, 2020

The Association of Zamorano graduates in Ecuador (AGEAPSE) celebrates its 40 year anniversary

Ecuadorian graduates of Zamorano represent 25% of total graduates from our university.

Members of the Graduate Association of the Panamerican Agricultural School, Ecuadorian Sierra Chapter (AGEAPSE), celebrated on August 29th their 40th anniversary. During the virtual celebration they shared anecdotes, told stories and reconfirmed that their principal purpose is to boost the profile of Zamorano in Ecuador in order to continue to have a strong presence and be a support-system for their colleagues, communities and their country.

Gabriela Castillo, class 2003, President of AGEAPSE, was the leader of this festivity whose attendance included close to 40 members of the association, including the association’s former presidents and Oscar Luzuriaga, currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of Zamorano. The current AGEAPSE board of directors took advantage of the event to inform attendees of the group’s accomplishments and the projects currently underway to strengthen the association’s profile. Many participants shared ideas, made suggestions and enjoyed sharing their experiences with the Zamorano family.

In its 77 years, Zamorano has graduated a total of 2,115 Ecuadorians, of which 1,619 have been men and 496 have been women, and all of who contribute to their country´s progress. Contributions from graduates come in many forms, including business development with job creation and developing foreign exchange, leadership in public positions within central and local governments, and by adding their academic and scientific knowledge around the world.

From your Alma Mater we congratulate AGEAPSE, hoping you continue to contribute to Zamorano’s profile as well as to the welfare of the Ecuadorian society.

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