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16 September, 2020
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16 September, 2020

Coffee and Cocoa Process and Production

Intern: Jimena Betancur Moreno. Food Science and Technology

Jimena did her internship at the Kotowa Coffee Company, located in Panamá. Her work allowed her to learn about the coffee and cocoa value chain from field production straight through to the finished product and its distribution. She also learned about all facets of the company’s operations including farm visits.  She participated in the entire flow process, which afforded her the opportunity to learn about the importance of quality control and the registration of each step to guarantee traceability and excellence in the final product.  During tiem spent in the fields, she observed the different varieties of coffee and cocoa growing on the farm, and became adept at identifying the specific characteristics of each variety and their particular agronomic handling.

As part of the research she conducted, Jimena evaluated the fermentation processes using variable measurements and microbiologic and chemical analysis, allowing her to determine which factors influenced the product´s final quality. She was able to learn about the coffee tasting process, thanks to training she received from the farm´s owner, Ing. Ricardo Koyner, who is a certified coffee taster, certified by the SCCA (Speciality Coffee Association of America). Jimena also learned about preparations for chocolate sampling as well as the particulars of chocolate sensory analysis.

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