Safe water: Changing lives and strengthening the health of rural families in Honduras.
17 September, 2020
Nutritional Surveillance and Food Safety Course modules and workshops, continue.
29 September, 2020

Participants enrolled in the “Nutritional Surveillance and Food Safety” course receive kits with nutritional monitoring tools.

This course was born of an agreement between the Technical Unit for Food Security and Nutrition (UTSAN), the European Union, and Zamorano

Zamorano continues with programmed activities for the “Nutritional Surveillance and Food Safety” online course, inaugurated on July 3rd with the sole purpose of strengthening competencies and contributing to the performance of 48 technicians from the Better Families Program from within the Office of the Secretary of Development and Social Inclusion. (SEDIS). As part of the program, Zamorano delivered 48 kits with materials to SEDIS, which were distributed at the national level to each participant.

Each kit contains valuable tools to strengthen nutritional surveillance, which will be useful in workshops and in the preparation of action plans regarding nutritional surveillance and food safety at the local or regional levels. The material consists of: a back pack, usb memory stick, notebook and pencil,“Mis Primeras Comiditas” manual, Food and Nutritional Safety law pamphlet (SAN), food sale regulations guide, Honduran Food Guide pamphlet, recipes on “Healthy lunches and snacks”, watch for calculation of body mass, metric tape for abdominal circumference measurements, metric tape for cephalic perimeter measurements, special exercise note book for anthropometry module and workshops, anti-stress ball, plastic bowl and cup.

These materials will help participants with retaining information shared about nutrition and the analysis of the country´s food security laws. Once the modules and workshops are completed, there is an expectation that participants will share applicable and practical innovative proposals regarding nutritional surveillance in different places around the country. With online courses like this one, Zamorano responds to demands of human resources training, complementing strengths that governmental technical personnel programs require in order to contribute to the current needs of the country.

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