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29 September, 2020
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Podcast: Zamorano, Agriculture for Everyone

Portada Zamorano Podcast

Zamorano´s Podcast can be listened to through several digital platforms:, Google Podcast,,,,,, Podomatic y You can also subscribe to any of these to receive the information automatically.

In order to generate valuable content throughout the year on the importance of agro and natural resources, Zamorano´s Podcast (PCZ), Agriculture for Everyone, kicks-off at the beginning of the school year. The Podcast serves its audience quality educational information in a digital blueprint and includes the participation of experts and Zamorano faculty members. Interviews are conducted in this space, as well as storytelling, news, and a description of relevant programs about Zamorano and its Learn by Doing approach.

The initiative enhances Zamorano´s brand by permitting the public to have access to information using their mobile devices.  Content is agile and in an accessible format by being available across a multitude of digital platforms with easy-to-access audio files. The podcast allows the audience to feel more connected to Zamorano.  A listener can tune-in on their schedule to hear content that is of particular interest to them.  They can access the podcasts anytime and anywhere.

Zamorano´s Podcast material is uploaded to digital platforms and comes in a variety of formats. As part of the current programming, the Podcast will run from Sunday to Sunday.  Programming features technical and didactic topics in 25-minute segments. The current program focuses on agricultural extension with an educational component for the livestock, agricultural, industrial and agribusiness sectors. Also, Zamorano´s Podcast has other segments such as Agriculture for Everyone where interviews take place as well as various 20 minute news segments, segments on Innovation and Youth, 20 minute segments dedicated entirely to youth, webinars covering diverse content and  live segments that  cover high impact events.

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See the links below to access the various platforms to listen to the official Zamorano Podcast:

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