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19 October, 2020
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2019 Annual Report: Contributing to a More Sustainable Agriculture in the Region

2019 Annual Report: Contributing to a More Sustainable Agriculture in the Region

This report is comprised of ten sections. It includes topics such as success stories of graduates and students, contributions to science and research, and development and knowledge transfer programs. Additionally, you will find the lists of donors and professors.     

With the “contributing to a more sustainable agriculture in the region” theme, Zamorano presents this annual report with relevant information about 2019, highlighting the importance of sustainable agriculture. This document underscores the scientific research carried out by students and professors working closely with partner universities, government agencies, international research centers, and the agricultural industry with the outstanding support from donors.

All of Zamorano’s research and projects provide solutions to problems based on the needs of communities. For almost eight decades Zamorano has opened a world of opportunities to thousands of youth from Latin America —many of them from low income communities. Later, these youth improve the living standard of their villages and bring the scientific results produced on-campus to apply to and develop the region.

This report highlights, from the opportunities offered, the stories of graduates that are examples of improvement and commitment to their roots and birthplaces. Additionally, it emphasizes the experiences of youth who were able to attend Zamorano thanks to our scholarship program and the support of valuable allies. These allies have been part of the impact to the vocation for hard work and quality education that Zamorano offers to change the lives of the progress-weavers and leaders of Latin American agriculture.

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The report presents Zamorano in numbers, a numerical data summary that portrays all the collaboration agreements that have been signed with governments, the private sector, foundations, and universities in America and European countries. Likewise, it shows the significance of our fundraising results in 17 countries across America and Asia —resources that have been used for scholarships.

The Annual Report outlines Zamorano’s drive towards a culture of innovation as a solution to real problems. The administrative and teaching staff participated in a process for knowledge reinforcement and review of internal procedures to find alternatives that will help improve productive and agricultural industry systems. It reflects the social projection and impact of our initiative to implement projects and transfer knowledge to thousands of people from local and regional communities as an input to solve agricultural, socioeconomic, and environmental problems.

To learn more about Zamorano’s institutional contributions, we invite you to read the full report here:

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