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21 October, 2020
United States: Ozone anti-microbial intervention as an alternative to organic acids to treat microorganisms in the meat industry
21 October, 2020

Switzerland: biodynamic agriculture.

Intern: Emerson Eberto Carías Padilla, Environmental Science and Development

Emerson did his internship at the Geneva Landscape, Engineering and Architecture Superior School (HEPIA), one of the six Geneva-based institutions affiliated with the West Swiss Applied Science and Arts University (HES-SO), all six of which are highly esteemed academic institutions. His research focused on microbiology, molecular biology and vegetable nutrition. Emerson´s goal was to find bacteria strains capable of facilitating certain plants ability to capture nutrients. It is accurate to say that he was making a contribution to biodynamic agriculture.

Emerson highlighted the importance that the analysis of microorganism has on soils and plants as their very own biological indicators. His experiences in the laboratory helped him learn protocols for finding solutions to problems related to vegetable pathologies using identification and pathogen control both in agricultural settings as well as in the forest setting. This Zamorano student from Guatemala conducted his research at the Pathogen Laboratory in HEPIA. He also worked with M.Bastien Cochard and Dr. Francois Lefort on an in vitro study of endophytic bacteria with growth promoting properties.

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