United States: Horticulture and Natural Resources
16 September, 2020
Honduras: Profitability study for organic tobacco.
21 October, 2020

United States: Dairy cow and calf research studies performed out in the field and in the laboratory

Intern: Alberto José Triminio Ponce, Agricultural Science and Production

Alberto did his internship under the supervision of Dr. Johan Osorio in the Food and Dairy Science Department at South Dakota State University. As part of his work, he helped doctorate students in several research experiments focused on dairy cows and calves, with components on both the farm and in the lab. As an intern, he received the necessary training to help with several laboratory techniques used during research experiments.

Alberto was also trained on how to run agricultural machinery. He was involved in a research experiment to help prove the improved immunity in lactating cows resulting from the addition of a dietary supplement. A master´s program student developed this experiment. Other research activities in which he was involved included (1) nursing cows with yeast culture, as well as (2) experiments of the effects of carnosic acid on cows transitioning from nursing, and finally (3) experiments on the impact of methionine supplements on cows with subclinic mastitis.

“I think this internship was a unique, once in my lifetime opportunity to increase my knowledge, to personally and professionally grow ,and to show that with dedication and effort, dreams DO come true”, noted Alberto

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