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19 October, 2020
Zamorano donates land for sports and recreational use in San Antonio de Oriente.
11 November, 2020

Zamorano and EAFIT Partnership Will Promote Agribusiness in Latin America

The partnership between these two universities is an opportunity to boost agribusiness in the region and create a new opportunity for learning that will help the Latin American agricultural sector grow and respond to new trends in the world market.

Zamorano and EAFIT senior management signed an official agreement between the two universities in September 2020. This partnership will promote a graduate course and a Master’s degree in Agribusiness, as well as overall academic cooperation, special programs, research, and an opportunity for growing professional networks. The creation and reinforcement of this connection promises significant opportunities for the region. It will help promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and the internationalization of agriculture in Latin America with a new agribusiness vision.

The President of Zamorano, Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, remarked that both universities share the same fundamental values: sincerity and an interest in sharing the best of each of them. “This is an opportunity not only to create an impact, but also to strengthen both institutions by sharing our unique values and our unique strengths. One of the greatest responsibilities that we have with this partnership is changing cultures by learning, discipline, and meeting demands. A primary example of an important change we will both strive towards is a change in the culture of poverty”, he added.

Dr. Lansdale declared that sharing innovation is not only the role of leaders to help solve society’s problems, but also a responsibility of academia.  He stressed the importance of setting aside personal interests for the sake of the common good. “The responsibility of academia relates to research; there is a lack of reliable information in our countries and academia takes the lead in research. Research generates reliable information. I foresee tremendous opportunities for this hemisphere and particularly for Latin America. Additionally, part of our responsibility is to seek strategies to raise awareness and generate understanding in society in order to help them appreciate and make useful the information”, he summarized.

Carlos Eduardo Mesa, member of Zamorano’s Board of Trustees, emphasized that Zamorano has a strength, a history of 78 years of teaching in the agricultural world.  He added that Zamorano also offers an undergraduate degree in Agribusiness and has experience training young people  from many Latin American countries. Presenting its own unique strengths, EAFIT has a long history in the business world, finance, administration, technology, engineering, and in numerous careers that directly complement what Zamorano has accomplished.

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“A result of this partnership is the union of two institutions that complement each other and that can work to promote mutual learning. It is about exploring opportunities. When two cultures, programs, and disciplines join together, wonderful things can happen. We will create new realities from the experience, strength, and knowledge that both institutions have in areas that are valid and important” he expressed.

José Alberto Vélez, President of EAFIT Board of Governors, shared that as two universities that are aware of the importance of agriculture for global food security, the role that both institutions will play is to promote and develop knowledge in agriculture — knowledge that should encompass technical, production, and commercial areas.

“I deeply believe that we can expand various graduate and specialization programs through this alliance. The role and alliance of the universities and of this partnership is key because it allows us to share our research and make great advances in our products, seeds, agribusiness practices, genetic improvements, and better and more efficient productive developments, among others. The foundation of this alliance lies in these elements and the role we can play so Latin America can grow in its role to feed the world” he concluded.

Juan Luis Mejía Arango, President of EAFIT University, mentioned that the partnership between the universities is a shared vision of collaboration since postgraduate courses and joint research will be boosted. “We have the challenge of building and supporting the rural areas through science and technology. If we are loyal to our mission and want to contribute decisively to humanity´s sustainable development, we have to bet on sustainable production of the land. Latin America strongly needs these types of programs. What we intend to accomplish with this Master’s in Agribusiness program is to offer new market trends and patterns to our graduates”, he added.

Dr. Raul Soto, Zamorano´s Agribusiness Department Director, indicated that there is a clear relationship between advances and technical development in agriculture and the need to complement them with agribusiness skills. This complement will allow farmers to be successful in the world, specifically in the area of influence of these universities, which is mainly Latin America.

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