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11 November, 2020
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18 November, 2020

Zamorano donates land for sports and recreational use in San Antonio de Oriente.

Two parcels of land are located in the El Quebrancho community measuring 298 m2 each. A third parcel of land is located in the Altos HEKS subdivision with an area of 2800 m2. The fourth parcel of land is located in the El Jicarito village and measures 1206.90 m2.              

To help support the creation of areas designated for sports and recreation in the community, Zamorano officially provided the deeds for four parcels of land to the San Antonio de Oriente municipality. On the donated land to the El Quebracho and El Jicarito villages near Zamorano, the municipality has built a soccer field, a green space, and two parks for the community to enjoy.

Zamorano’s President, Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, stated that the delivery of the deeds is part of an agreement between Zamorano and the municipality. “This represents the importance of ensuring the welfare of the community and nurturing the good relationship that the municipality and Zamorano share. One lesson learned from the COVID pandemic is the importance of looking after the most important things, such as the sense of community, the environment, and healthful practices, and this represents a step ahead with regard to these important topics”, he added.

“We are officially delivering the deeds for four parcels of land. We also have other initiatives where residents in the area are using available Zamorano land to harvest their beans and corn. It is a strategy for supporting one another, working jointly, whereby each party takes responsibility and takes care of their crops. It is not a gift, but an activity that we were able to plan and execute through coordination and collaboration. By joining hands and working as a team we can do much more”, he concluded.

The mayor of San Antonio de Oriente, Manuel Maradiaga, thanked Zamorano for the help because, despite being a non profit organization itself, Zamorano always finds a way to give to and support the municipality. “If it wasn’t [for] Zamorano, El Jicarito and San Antonio de Oriente would have never seen come true the dream of having a park. Today we have a park and a soccer field. On behalf of the municipal corporation and myself, as Mayor, it is satisfying to receive these donated parcels of land. Our municipality lacks land suitable for recreational areas. This helps fulfill the need we had by helping to solve the problems of COVID so our families can go out, have fun, and share enjoyable and memorable moments. We are talking about eight thousand people who will benefit. I feel proud to have these lots officially declared recreational areas for the community”, he stated.

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Actions Favoring Communities

Ing. David Moreira, Land and Water manager of Zamorano, explained that this donation is part of the university’s social responsibility initiative which Zamorano has been implementing for years. It is part of the Growth Plan for the El Jicarito village which was structured by a committee that is led by Dr. Jack Crowley, member of the Board of Trustees of Zamorano. The Growth Plan includes the creation of sports, cultural, and green areas, as well as access roads, through the purchase and donation of properties.

“This came to life with the last agreement that Zamorano signed with the municipal authorities of San Antonio de Oriente in 2010 when the road to Güinope was retraced. Zamorano agreed to provide an organized urban growth plan. Since then, we have been identifying land that could be used for green areas, sport fields, or other social activities that the community might need”, Moreira said.

Over time, apart from supporting the people of San Antonio de Oriente through the mayor’s office, Zamorano has supported other programs for increased opportunities for entrepreneurship. “With regard to the creation of businesses by women entrepreneurs, Zamorano has helped them organize administrative, legal, and hygiene and safety programs” Moreira added.

Ing. Moreira shared that there are more agreements to collaborate with other neighboring communities. Among them, he highlighted the construction of sports fields in the Suyatillo, Santa Inés, and El Chagüite villages. Other efforts are in support of community crops implemented in the El Zarzal, El Suyatillo, and Llano del Ocotal villages, as part of the joint investment program for acquiring food for the communities. Through the  Agricultural Sciences and Production major (CPA for its initials in Spanish) Zamorano provides supplies and technical assistance while the communities offer the workforce and security.

Additionally, Zamorano is engaged with local water councils and trusts to locate potential water sources that can be added to the existing ones from communities like those in Valle de San Francisco, Llano de Ocotal, El Zarzal, and El Jicarito. At the same time, Zamorano has provided technical assistance and implemented projects in agroforestry and the use of trees for water basin management via the Department of Environment and Development in the municipalities of Güinope, El Paraíso, and Morocelí.

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